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Trauma Scene Cleanup Services


Suicide is a tragic event.  It’s often sudden and unexpected.  The police, paramedics and the fire department handle the immediate issues involving a suicide.  When they leave, family and friends may be left with an immediate cleanup situation in the home.  Read More . . .

Crime scenes can vary greatly but often create high risk environments for the professionals who work crime scenes. First responders, investigators, evidence collectors and those in charge can all be at risk.  Read More . . .


Anytime a loved one dies it’s a difficult situation for everyone involved. Unattended death scenes require a licensed and certified professional to clean and dispose of hazardous material.  Read More . . .


Accidental death scenes create difficult situations for family, friends and associates.  They occur for a variety of reasons including car accidents, falls, drug overdoses and industrial accidents.  Read More . . .

Insurance covers the cost of cleaning in most cases.
We waive your deductible so there is no cost to you.

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 Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult events someone can experience. To make matters worse, there’s often a cleanup situation involved. Home situations such as suicide, unattended death, accidental death and crime scenes are very difficult to manage. Bio Management NW provides trauma scene cleanup services.  Read More . . .

Hoarding is an excessive accumulation of things along with unwillingness to discard anything. Hoarding impairs normal day-to-day living processes and can become a health risk. Hoarding distresses families and angers neighbors. Bio Management NW provides hoarding cleanup services.  Read More . . .


When people manufacture or smoke meth in a house everything around them is coated with a film that contains methamphetamine. If meth is smoked even once in a home, traces of it can be found throughout the house. Meth leaves behind a variety of chemicals in the walls, floors, carpeting and ceilings. Bio Management NW provides meth decontamination services.  Read More . . .

Home fires are devastating events that can create considerable damage. Even small fires create an extensive amount of smoke and odor. Water damage from firefighters is also a real possibility. Bio Management NW provides fire cleanup services.  Read More . . .

Water damage happens for a variety of reasons including flooding, broken pipes, sewage backup, blockage or septic system failure. Water damage can be catastrophic to a home. Time is of the essence in water damage situations. Bio Management Northwest has licensed and certified technicians ready to for water cleanup services.  Read More . . .

Whether it’s an animal infestation or an animal hoarding situation, pet waste contains many harmful pathogens which can cause mild distress to serious diseases. Animal feces and urine creates urine stains and foul odors. Bio Management NW provides animal cleanup services.  Read More . . .



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Bio-management is a company that is here for you in your time of need. Let us help do everything for you. Most work is covered by your insurance, which we will deal with directly for your convenience, allowing you time for more important things.

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